Our Story

It’s that old tail (intentional pun), a conversation one hot, glorious Noosa summer’s day...

Dogs and kids playing by the pool, chefs in the kitchen and a cool drink in hand. Now these chefs were no ordinary ones (celebrated Michelin Star and internationally trained) while they prepare a feast for family and friends they also do the same for the pooches.

Friends were amazed at how the same ingredients that were on their plates were also in the dogs’ bowls, each perfectly proportioned. This time the kiddies were stealing from the dogs’ bowls.

Just like that Rawlly was born. It started like our food, growing organically handmade & hand delivered to the Noosa community, each wanting the best for their best friend.

Human Grade Food for your Pooch.
Handmade by Michelin Star Chefs, Developed by Dog Nutritionists and Recommended by Vets.