Why we want to change the industry

Our Why

It’s safe to say dog food has never been a transparent industry. From questionable meat products, nasty inhumane ingredients, fillers & additives and an exorbitant amount of plastic going straight to landfill. Not to mention over 80% of all pet food sold in Australia being owned by giant overseas confectionery companies. 

If that didn't surprise you, did you know there are currently no laws governing pet food safety in Australia? It's only voluntary. Most importantly, Australia has no regulator or government body responsible for overseeing pet food standards and stepping in when industry fails to meet basic standards. A big no no from us!

So, it's by our choice that our human grade dog food meets both AAFCO (complete and balanced) and NRC (optimal) dog nutrition standards. We choose to follow these standards not only because they are the most reputable in the world, but it is ultimately the right thing to do for our family (and by family we mean our doggos). 



Our ultimate aim is to create good dog food that isn't just good for our dogs, but good for our planet. We are conscious about our carbon footprint which is why we use aluminium cans instead of single use plastics. They can forever be reused and recycled and don’t harm our environment. We have no paper trail and our postbags are environmentally friendly. Our premium ingredients are ethically sourced from sustainable and local farmers.

We know you can't always tick every box but we believe it's about those small changes that businesses make that will contribute to a greener world and while rawlly is a young pup now, we hope we are setting the bar of what sustainability should look like within the pet food industry. This is something we will never compromise on.