Our Science

Our food is created as nutritional medicine founded on the knowledge that everything in our universe consists of yin & yang, two opposing yet complementary forces that when in balance, create life giving energy & optimal health.

We've worked alongside pet nutritionists and vets to create 4 recipes that support optimal health eliminating troubling symptoms such as scratching, hot spots, diarrhea, restlessness, pain & weight gain, providing our best mates with increased energy & long-term health. 

ankle biter - for 8 week old pups to adults. Made with all the essential vitamins and minerals for learning, growing and playing. 

balanced - the perfect combination of yin & yang food energies for doggos already loving life.

walking on sunshine - curated for pooches who are sun seekers and need some assistance in putting a little hot pep back in their step.

we chillin'designed with "hot" dogs in mind using ingredients to help chill your BFF (from the inside) out. 

While we aim to eventually have every dog on our 'balanced' diet, we love knowing we have alternatives for those doggos in need of some extra TLC.