Where does rawlly deliver?

We currently deliver to a 20km radius of Noosa Heads, QLD. Let us know if you live outside this area and we will do our best to accomodate you and your pooch.

How do I transition from my old food to rawlly?

Easy! Use the guide below to help your doggo adjust.

What if my dog doesn't eat it?

While we highly doubt there would be a dog on this land that wouldn't be licking the bowl clean, we do understand some dogs can be extremely fussy. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email with your concerns.

Are your recipes vet approved?

We've worked alongside dog nutritionists and vets to ensure these recipes are 100% approved and meet (and exceed) all nutritional standards. 

How much should my BFF eat?

Dogs should be eating approximately 2-5% of their body weight daily, depending on activity level, energy, weight and age*

A good guide is if your doggo is needing to lighten their load for optimal zoomie speed, try to feed them closer to 2% of their body weight.

To assist in your dogs digestion, it is better to feed twice a day. As Rawlly does not contain fillers or additives, your dog will be full for longer, and not looking around for food all day. 

Hot tip for the little cubs - divide their daily portions into 3/4 for easy digestion and consistent energy levels. 

*As always consult your favourite vet on your pooches optimum range.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

There is no need to be home for delivery, we will follow your instructions on where to leave your order. If you don't specify, we will look for a safe place in the shade. 

Help us help the environment - please leave out an esky for us to put your dog's food into.  

Don’t have an esky? No Probs! Your rawlly food will be delivered in a sustainably insulated box. Please recycle this after you unpack your order. Brownie points from Mother Earth for returning the box to us on your next delivery. 

Where do I store Rawlly?
Fresh is best, and it doesn’t come any fresher than from our chefs. We snap freeze your dog's food, and it is delivered frozen. It's best placed straight in the freezer to maintain quality & freshness.

Because we don’t add preservatives or any nasties, ensuring the food is kept frozen is essential for quality.

How long does it take to defrost rawlly?
It’s a simple science, take one tub out of the freezer and place into fridge to thaw 24hrs before your dog's meal. Having this on a continual rotation will mean never running out of food.

Have a Question that wasn't answered?
Please contact us. Luna@rawllypetfood.com