What is Air-Dried dog food?

Air-Dried food is so versatile! It's not just the perfect size for training and daily treats, but a formulated complete meal to meet and exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for "All Life Stages". A combination of human grade food with a state of the art air-drying process which aids in keeping the integrity of all the nutrients and adds convenience in both storing and serving your dog's food. Your pooch will experience different tastes, textures and sounds from chewing. Our new formulation contains locally sourced fruits and vegetables combined carefully with protein to ensure your bff is getting all the essentials vitamins and minerals for growing and playing! We are excited to include superfoods such as green lipped mussels, fish oil, dried kelp and cold ground flaxseed to provide the best spring in your pooches step.

What do I do with my rawlly can once it's empty?

Our cans are 100% recyclable! Which means you can either pop your used cans in the yellow lid bin, takes them to your local 10c collection centre or give new life to your trash and reuse the bottles around your home!

How do I transition from my old food to rawlly?

Easy! Use the guide below to help your doggo adjust.

A good rule to remember is that good things take time. Slow and steady wins the race in this case. 

HOT TIP: Keep an eye on the poops to really know how your dog is adjusting to the upgrade!

Day 1-3 give 75% of your old food and 25% of rawlly 

Day 4-6 give 50% of your old food and 50% of rawlly

Day 7-9 give 25% of your old food and 75% of rawlly

Day 10-12 enjoy 100% of rawlly

What if my dog doesn't eat it?

While we highly doubt there would be a dog on this land that wouldn't be licking the bowl clean, we do understand some dogs can be extremely fussy. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email with your concerns. We would love to send you a sample of our meal topper to encourage the drools! 

Are your recipes vet approved?

We've worked alongside dog nutritionists and vets to ensure these recipes are 100% approved and meet (and exceed) all nutritional standards. 

How much should my BFF eat?

Dogs should be eating approximately 2-5% of their body weight daily in raw food, depending on activity level, energy, weight and age*. The process of gently air drying raw ingredients simply extracts 75% of the moisture and therefore reduces the amount you need to feed your dog. 

Example: If your dog needs 100 grams of raw food daily, you only need to feed them 25 grams of air-dried food. 

Always make sure your dog has access to clean water. 

To assist in your dogs digestion, it is better to feed twice a day. As rawlly does not contain fillers or additives, your dog will be full for longer, and not looking around for food all day (unless you have a golden retriever). 

Hot tip for the little cubs - divide their daily portions into 3/4 for easy digestion and consistent energy levels. 

*As always consult your favourite vet on your pooches optimum range.

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